The eighth annual DFW Solar Tour will be held Oct. 7 across 30 sites in DFW.

A group of local solar advocates are helping residents of South Dallas train for green jobs.

The North Texas green community filled up Dallas Arbortum's Rosine Hall for a happy night honoring local eco-heros. 

The seventh annual DFW Solar Tour, hosted by North Texas Renewable Energy Group, will be held on Oct. 1. 

Jason shows you how to modify store bought solar lights for outdoor use.

Dan Lepinski is teaching free solar classes geared to Realtors, mortgage bankers, city planners and code inspectors.

Green Tip guest shows off her flashlight powered by solar power or a hand crank.

California artist Glenn Kaino enlisted DFW engineer Dan Lepinski for help with his solar-powered art piece.

Sunraiden's solar kits are designed to power for outdoor appliances, backyard workshops or small dwellings. 

Texas Discovery Garden Solar Array

Texas Discovery Gardens unveiled a new 410-square-foot solar array atop a cedar pagoda, which will serve as the garden’s new Natural Learning Center.