We tested popular brands - here's what we found.

Ranchers, city leaders and environmental groups say plastic bag litter is as big a problem as ever.

The public voting period will start in September.

Paschal High School students began the three-year study in 2017.

Air pollution could increase as much as 100 more tons of PM a year.

The youth programs follow the Texas Master Naturalist curriculum.

Two climate researchers say the climate crisis should be a part of the state curriculum.

Texas A&M's $20 billion plan appears to be winning but Rice U says it can do it for a fraction of that.

The campus​ was recently recognized for its food waste diversion program.

Food composting services are popping up across North Texas.

Stage West opens 'Lungs,' an environmentally themed play July 25.

Adrian Shelley of Public Citizen outlines steps to avoid catastrophic effects of climate change.