March 29, 2024

Green Source DFW is thrilled to announce that the Dallas Zoo is our Title Sponsor for the 2024 Oak Cliff Earth Day. In this Sponsor Spotlight below, learn more about the Dallas Zoo's programs.

The Dallas Zoo’s mission is Engaging People & Saving Wildlife. It is a mission that defines the Zoo as a conservation organization and serves as the guideposts for the work the Zoo does on behalf of the animals in its care, as well as the wildlife in Dallas, in Texas, and around the world. 

The Zoo’s influence and impact extends well beyond its 106 acres, and the team at the Zoo believe it is critical to inspire and empower communities to live in harmony with the wildlife around them. They do that by educating guests, but also by providing guests with real-world opportunities to make memorable connections with the wild species. The Zoo team has found that by supplementing an experience with a conservation message — the “why” — that you can create momentum and motivate action. 

While the Zoo works in 23 countries around the world supporting conservation programs and partners, it is also committed to impact right here in Oak Cliff. This includes participating in local events to help educate the public, just as the Zoo team does at the Oak Cliff Earth Day event. 

Beyond those events, the Zoo’s Wild Earth Action Team leads hands-on conversation projects in the surrounding area. The public is invited to join the team for the “Take Action Projects” that often include removing litter from local waterways or planting pollinator-friendly flowers. There is a project for everyone, regardless of age or ability. 

The Wild Earth Action Team also takes their mission to create healthy habitats for wildlife on the road throughout Texas. The Zoo works with its conservation partners to provide the public with incredible volunteer experiences on projects vital to the success of saving Texas wildlife. Visit the Zoo’s website if you are interested in learning more about these Take Action opportunities. 

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