The southeast Dallas park includes a 27-acre Blackland Prairie remnant.

Explore the green jewels to be found in Fort Worth, west of downtown.

Read about last year's local environmental victories.

The documentary Jane is showing at the Magnolia at the Modern in Fort Worth Dec. 22-23.

The Native Prairies Association of Texas raised $60,000 to purchase and maintain the 100-acre prairie remnant outside of Greenville.

Tom and Eddie are new residents of Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Hutchins.

The Native Prairies Association of Texas aims to raise $50,000 to buy the Paul Mathews Prairie in Hunt County.

Some of the most damaging amendments to the HB 7 tree bill were removed, environmentalists say.

Workers arrived unannounced and started marking a 150-foot clearing zone at the refuge in July.

TCE is urging tree advocates to oppose changes to HB 7 that could roll back tree protection.