EPA admits the rule reversal will increase greenhouse gas pollution.

HB 3557 went to Senate floor vote on Monday.

HB 2771 allows the state to regulate the discharge of frack water into Texas lakes, rivers and streams.

3 bills that threaten environmental health and safety are gaining traction.

Katherine Hayhoe headlined the North Texas Climate Change Symposium.

Local members of Citizens' Climate Lobby joined 1,300 citizen lobbyists in Washington in June.

Filmmaker Chanda Chevannes to use the $5,000 prize to boost screenings of the film.

The Arlington City Council voted 6-2 against Total's request to drill within 319 feet of homes.

Harriet Irby, a longtime environmental activist from Pantego, will be remembered March 17 in Fort Worth.

Liveable Arlington says 300 feet is not safe distance for drilling sites in city limits.