Jason explains how a Crayola program allows you to recycle markers.

Victoria Howard and her group Save Lucas Recycling led a campaign that resulted in the reversal.

Dallas artist VET created the colorful fence art from disarded materials.

The inaugural R-Bazaar will be held Nov. 11.

Lisa Walter Rasley, founder of Banner Theory, has found an eco-friendly use for old signs.

Bring your old shoes to be recycled at the GSDFW 5K to be held May 21 at Bachman Lake Park. 

Commodity Recycling Solutions will be accepting electronic waste at the Run for the Environment.

Check out this new DIY series, created by the Dallas-based artist known as VET.

Wait - don't throw out those bottles! They might come in handy.

The eco-friendly store carries fair trade jewelry, vintage clothing and goods made from recycled material.