Thursday, June 14, 2012     

(Photo: Signage at Oddfellows, one of several local restaurants where a bike ride can now get you a discount thanks to the work of Bike Friendly Oak Cliff)

Published Thursday, May 24, 2012     

By Jada Brazell     

Has Dallas outgrown the bicycle? The massive freeways jutting through the city might suggest it has. So might its 340 square miles, not counting the outlying areas, which add up to more than 14,000 square miles.

By Rita Cook     

(Photo: The Strøget in Copenhagen has become a global model for sustainable or green urban transportation practices. Patrick Kennedy of Car Free in Big D reflects on what DFW has in common with, and might learn from, Copenhagen)      

By Patrick Kennedy of Car Free in Big D     

By Rita Cook

In the perfect world of thinking green the car you drive can add up to a lot when considering Mother Earth.

A good case in the point is the Chevrolet Volt, which I recently drove and I was actually quite pleased too.  Not only is it all about fuel efficiency to the tune of about 379 miles on a full battery charge and a tank of gas, but I was also noticed just about everywhere I went with a thumbs up pointed in my direction.

By Rita Cook     

By Brandolon Barnett    

Urban planner, designer, blogger, and D Magazine columnist Patrick Kennedy discusses the true meaning of livability, the value of the "green" label, sustainable urban living in North Texas, and more.

By Rita Cook 
For 33-year-old Dallas resident Colin Stanley building his own electric car meant taking a proactive approach to seeing his dream come true sooner than later.  Stanley decided to enter the upcoming national Motor Verks Contest hosted by Electric Vehicles Television. 

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