NTCAN was approved to go to Dallas City Council for a vote.

The DFW Solar Tour on Oct. 13 features 50 locations.

A coalition of environmental activists pushed for the Climate Plan amendment.

Amy Martin joined other naturalists on a last walk through Beck's Creek Prairie.

Downwinders at Risk is hosting a free training class on how to use portable air monitors on Sept. 22.

Give to your favorite local environmental groups online on Sept. 20.

The hearing will be held at the NCTCOG on Sept. 14 at 2 p.m.

Amanda Vanhoozier launched Bishop Hill Farm Flowers in January.

The second annual Climate Change Art Exhibit will be held thru Sept. 29.

Women’s World Car of the Year presented the Green Car of the Year award in South Korea.

Here's where you can buy native plants in the coming weeks.

The club now provides speakers on environmental topics for free.