Chasing the Moon, chasing the Sun

The Moon crosses in front of the Sun during the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 in Tyler, Texas. Photo by Wendel Withrow.

April 17, 2024

Now that “Eclipsemania’” is over and the race to the path of totality did not send the populace into chaos, I will admit to underestimating the magnitude of the spectacle we all witnessed in one form or another. 

As with all similar natural wonders, these special moments in time not only stimulate our rational brains, but the spiritual questions that have been asked since the beginning of time. From Stonehenge to Chaco Canyon in the most remote part of New Mexico, the study of the sky has impacted the ancient world and its peoples. It seems the more we know about our ancestors, the smarter they become, and the more amazed we should be that it took so long to realize their genius.

Green Source Texas director Wendel Withrow watches the total eclipse in Tyler, Texas. Photo courtesy of Wendel Withrow.

My own fascination with moons and stars began with a small telescope from the local Sears store, then graduated to a college level astronomy class where my performance was decidedly average and has now moved to an almost unhealthy fixation on chasing the fiery sunsets, subtle and gentle sunrises, and most recently moonrises and even moonsets. 

The total eclipse as seen from Tyler, Texas. Photo by Wendel Withrow.

Please enjoy the following photos taken on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and then Monument Valley. They may not win in the latest photography contest, but the journey to track them down at just the right place and time is reward enough for me.

P.S. Nonprofits: Feel free to use my photos as long as I get credit.  For-profits: Just give me credit and send me a big check so I can chase more moons… chasing the sun.

Above, Moonrise on the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Below, Sunrise at Monument Valley. Photos by Wendel Withrow.


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