Wildlife author and herp expert Michael Smith shares some helpful tips.

Purchase Amy Martin's new book on a local indy shop and net proceeds go to Green Source DFW.

Texas parks officials said they are taking steps to save the state park from being turned into a gated community.

From the Texas Tribune

May 19, 2023

The Texas House on Tuesday gave final approval to two bills, Senate Bill 1648 and Senate Joint Resolution 74, that would, with voter approval, create a Centennial Parks Conservation Fund to invest $1 billion to buy more land for the state parks system.

Fort Worth native Jeff Quayle has searched for plants for 30 years and made some unique discoveries.

The developer's new plan leaps first hurdle after Colleyville City Council voted down earlier proposal.

There's a total solar eclipse in North Texas next April but first up: an annular solar eclipse in West and South Texas in October.

A section of Cross Timbers forest in the Fort Worth Nature Center was inducted into the Old-Growth Forest Network.

UT Southwestern Medical Center shepherds a large rookery to the delight and consternation of many. 

Dallas names city's first 'Greening Czar'

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Garrett Boone enlisted to help turn vacant lots into park space.