The Native Prairies Association of Texas aims to raise $50,000 to buy the Paul Mathews Prairie in Hunt County.

Some of the most damaging amendments to the HB 7 tree bill were removed, environmentalists say.

Workers arrived unannounced and started marking a 150-foot clearing zone at the refuge in July.

TCE is urging tree advocates to oppose changes to HB 7 that could roll back tree protection.

Amy Martin shows you the popular green spaces in this part of Dallas.

'Earth and Soul' is showing at the Scott Theater July 27-30.

The Julia Burgen Linear Park was dedicated in Arlington in May.

Jason shares a simple tip for providing food for the birds and bees. 

The Bunny Burrow, a Fort Worth-based nonprofit focuses on rescuing domestic pet rabbits in North Texas.

LLELA is home to a popular native tarantula restoration project.