By Penny Ruekberg

By Julie Thibodeaux. Photos by Karl Thibodeaux

Ecofest Arlington couldn’t have planned better weather on Saturday. The mild sunny day drew a record crowd of about 18,000, according to Heather Dowell, organizer for the fest. 

By Phillip Shinoda

When Texas Worm Ranch owners Heather Rinaldi and Steve Clary came back on Tuesday after the Labor Day weekend, they received a nasty surprise. It seemed warm, so Heather went to check the thermostat and got no response. Steve climbed up to the 12-foot roof. When he got up there, he found that thieves had stolen all of the copper tubing and wiring in the units and rendered them unrepairable.

• More than 100 charities participating in the fundraising event support environmental and animal welfare.

By Julie Thibodeaux 

Photos by Phillip Shinoda

Business is good at White Rock Local Market's second location at Lakeside Baptist Church. By Saturday at noon, one vendor was out of eggs and a food truck was out of drinks. The vegetable booths were out of various item like basil and some greens but there was still a lot to see and buy. However the lesson to be learned is to shop early.

By Julie Thibodeaux. Photos by Phillip Shinoda.   Aug. 29, 2013

Local environmental advocates celebrated at a downtown watering hole Wednesday night after the Dallas City Council finally put an end to a request by Trinity East Energy to drill on public parkland. 

Aug. 23, 2013

Photos by Phillip Shinoda.

Environmentalists are riding a wave of optimism this week after the Dallas City Plan Commission confirmed it has included a 1,500-foot setback in the new gas drilling ordinance being drafted by the city. 

By Julie Thibodeaux

A coalition of supporters is lobbying to keep a little bit of country in the city. Merriwood Ranch is a horse riding facility and summer camp in Garland that’s been in operation since 1956. The 28-acre property was put up for sale this year by heirs after the owner and founder of Merriwood died last year. A developer has purchased the property and wants to build about 40 homes on the land. 

By Julie Thibodeaux

In May, when the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that the level of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere had surpassed 400 parts per million, Karen Weiss of Dallas took it as a wake-up call.