April 26, 2016

In addition, to collecting shoes for recycling, Commodity Recycling Solutions will be accepting electronic waste for recycling at the Green Source DFW Run for the Environment on May 21 at Bachman Lake Park.

According to Joan Meeks, founder of CRS, the items will be processed in their warehouse and sorted primarily into metals and plastics. They will be sold to companies who will grind up, wash and/or melt down the materials.  

“We sell it to people who are going to turn it back into raw product,” said Meeks.

Meeks will accept most electronics, including laptops and cell phones. However, she cannot accept TVs or CRTs at this event.

If you’re bringing in an old laptop or cellphone, Meeks advising erasing your data. However, she said they destroy the hard drive so that it is inoperable – same with cell phones, which are typically shredded.

Green Source DFW Run for the Environment Recycling Event

When: May 21, 2016, 9am-noon, during the Run for the Environment.

Where: Bachman Lake Park, Dallas

What: Shoe Recycling – Donations worn, torn and beat-up shoes will be accepted. Please tie or rubber band shoes together before donating. A shoe recycling receptacle will be at the event.

Electronics Recycling – NO leaded glass items TVs or CRTs.  Computers, laptops, cell phones, chargers, wiring, cabling, VHS/DVD/CD players, games, gaming controllers, all items which operate via an electrical current.  

Info: Contact Joan Meeks at 817-300-6958 or joan@commodityrecyclingsolutions.com.

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