Meet fellow gardners and learn about urban gardening in Dallas. Share seeds and gardening tips. The Seed Library at the Dallas Public Library will provide a variety of free seeds. If you would like to bring your own seeds, envelopes and blank labels will be provided.

Class Includes: Reasons for Becoming a Vegetarian

• Environment• Compassion • Health • Diet-Related Diseases

Meeting Nutritional Needs

• Protein, Iron, Calcium, Fats, Vitamins, etc.

Shopping as a Vegetarian

• Shopping List - How to Stock Up• Includes discussions of: Beans, Grains, Produce, Sea Vegetables, Nuts/Seeds, Spices/Herbs, Oils/Substitutes, Packaged Foods, Beverages, Sweeteners, Where to Shop

Ideas for Making the Transition

Miss the days of the vegan buffet at Veggie Garden? Well great news, we are reintroducing the vegan buffet for one day each month! Join us for the kick off.

Special pricing for the kickoff:

Adults: $10.99

Children 4-10 years: $4.99

Children under 4: $1.99

Gardening talks provided by Water University experts. Topics include: soil testing, recommended plants for our area, landscape design, lawn maintenance, growing vegetables and fruit, efficient sprinklers.

$5. Register online on website link below.

Guest speaker Marilyn Buehler will talk about the seed germination process, the best plants for beginners to grow, soil and materials needed and how to nurture them to the transplant stage.

Learn how to ensure that edibles are organically grown using only non-GMO seeds.


The third annual workshop inspired by Bringing Nature Home by Doug Tallamy.

Overwhelmed by all the information about butterflies and bees and native plants and don't know where to start? Learn how to start to redesign your yard so that is beautiful and attracts birds, butterflies, and other pollinators.

    •    Keynote by Monika Maeckle founder of the Texas Butterfly Ranch

    •    Daniel Cunningham – Edible plants for pollinators and people 

    •    Liz Moyer – Creating Theme Gardens with Native Plants

If you're passionate about composting and enjoy sharing your knowledge with others, then become a State of Texas Master Composter. Learn how to improve your soil's health by diverting valuable garden resources from the landfill back into your landscape. The 16-hour, 4-class series is a unique opportunity to gain a more in-depth understanding of the composting process and insights on sharing this knowledge with others. Residents enrolling in Master Composter training are asked to complete 20 hours of community service to advance local composting efforts. Free.

Class Dates:

Learn more about how to successfully start a plant from the seed up. This class will incorporate both a slideshow presentation and an in class demonstration on how to properly plant your seeds. 


Info: 940-349-8152.

Libertine is well-known for their great vegan food, including seitan tacos, portobello fries and the Beyond Burger! We love their great beer selection and aquafaba-based cocktails!

Black Vegetarian Society of Texas and Animal Connection of Texas are teaming up again for our annual Holiday Veggie 201 Class and Potluck. Bring your favorite holiday-themed vegan dish to feed ten or more. If you are unable to prepare a dish, come anyway; and, if you like, make a contribution of $5 or more. 

The event will begin with a Veggie 201 Class, "Sharing Holiday Meals with Non-Vegetarians, " at 11:30 am. We expect to eat around 12:30 p.m.