By Julie Thibodeaux


It was a bright, and beautiful winter day on Saturday.  If you missed the White Rock Local Market’s 3rd annual Holiday Market on Saturday December 10th you will have to wait for next March for another market because its is only open March through December.

 By Julie Thibodeaux    

By Rita Cook    

By Brandolon Barnett     

A conversation with Janette Moneer, President & CEO of Texas Trees Foundation on the state of Texas Trees after this summer's record drought and some of her organization's greatest accomplishments.

By Brandolon  Barnett    

A conversation with Kelly Clemons of Deep Ellum Urban Gardens on the inspiration for the Urban Gardens project, the goals of the Deep Ellum Urban Garden, and the status of the group's fundraising efforts.

 By Julie Thibodeaux    

A monarch sipping on your sunflower may seem carefree but it harbors ambitious plans. This time of year, when they stop for a drink, they’re refueling for a long haul to Mexico.    

By Kristy Alpert    

By Julie Thibodeaux   
It’s been one of the hottest and driest summers on record, but Dallas is gearing up to show its green side.  On Sept. 24, the city is hosting the fourth annual Dallas Green Festival at the Texas Discovery Gardens in historic Fair Park.