By Julie Thibodeaux     
Tom Bazzone has made a career out of developing new businesses for national chains like Williams-Sonoma and Restoration Hardware. Now he’s leading a Dallas-based green business to greater heights of success.

By Brandolon Barnett    

Chrissy Cortez-Mathis, president of the Dallas Organic Garden Club (DOGC) discusses organic vs. non-organic gardening, the state of local gardening efforts, and the potential role for individuals and governments in supporting sustainable gardening methods.

Kim Barney - Controlling Pests the Green Way

Watering Tips of Scorching Hot Days

Watering Tips of Scorching Hot Days
By Rebecca Winn  -  Whimsical Gardens
These are especially important for those of you who have newly installed gardens this year!

By Rita Cook 
From recycling, to composting to steering clear of using chemicals in his yard that was just the beginning of Dr. Earl Ruby’s green-minded living alternatives at his home in Midlothian. Later he added four wind turbines in his yard as well as 60 solar panels.

By Holly Haber    

July 27, 2011
Clarice Abuto doesn’t let anything go to waste when it comes to gardening. The hired caretaker for the Como Community Garden in Fort Worth not only teaches residents and volunteers how to grow black-eyed peas, okra and greens, she shows them how to garden the “natural way.”

By Brandolon Barnett  

What does "green" mean to you? From the opportunity for children to enjoy nature to the beauty of the smallest things around us, people who care about the environment are answering the question with entries in the 2011 Green Photo Contest by Green Source DFW. You have until the 30th to submit your entry through our Facebook page


By Brandolon Barnett     

Architect Thom Mayne during his lecture on Day 1 of the 2011 Sustainabilty Showcase in Dallas. What was in store for Day 2?

Sustainability Conference: Day 2

Making kitchen composting easier

By Robin Sowton

Perhaps you've just started composting. You're dumping leaves and grass clippings into a corner of the yard regularly, but you just haven't got into recycling the kitchen scraps. After all it can be annoying to have banana peels, coffee grains or vegetable trimmings sitting out until it is convenient to take them outside.