A state lawmaker has filed a bill, proposing that eminent domain be used to save Fairfield Lake State Park.

Armadillos became an official state mascot in 1995 but they first gained notoriety in a 1973 country song.

The city is hiring a contractor to mulch up to 50 acres of privet at the 220-acre Tandy Hills Natural Area in February.

A Southlake developer proposes to take down nearly 1,000 mature trees of Colleyville’s remaining Cross Timbers forest.

Fairfield Lake State Park is located on private property, leased by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Wildlife experts say gators are generally shy and mostly avoid interacting with humans.

Dallas' 2022-2023 budget increased funding for the Office of Environmental Quality and Sustainability.

Hackberry hackers spook North Texans

Hackberry leafrollars defoliated hundreds of hackberries across North Texas in recent weeks.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department granted one out of six requests submitted by Texans for Mountain Lions.