The North Texas Master Naturalists are hosting an Open House at Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center on May 18. Photo courtesy of Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

May 15, 2019

Calling all bird lovers! This Saturday, see a red tailed hawk up close, be greeted by a pelican and mingle among 50 peacocks and hundreds of other birds during a free event open to the public at a local wildlife rehabilitation center.

The North Texas Master Naturalists are hosting the Friends of a Feather open house event showcasing the Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Saturday, May 18. The center is located at 1430 East Cleveland Street in Hutchins, south of Downtown Dallas.

Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center by Chris JacksonOwls recupperating at Rogers Wildlife Center. Photo by Chris Jackson.

RWRC founder and director Kathy Rogers says the Master Naturalists have made the center the focus of their public service for the past year and are eager to show off the six-acre operation and the work they’ve accomplished for the roughly 5,000 birds that receive care there annually.

Rogers says the volunteers will serve as docents throughout the center, showing their work along with the educational birds that offer an up-close and personal look at species that you may otherwise only see atop a telephone pole.

“It’s a very peaceful environment, full of peacocks and ducks and geese and all the wild birds that stick around,” Rogers says. “We have 50 peacocks; we have birds of prey - and it’s kind of cool to see a red tailed hawk just a foot away - we have assorted wading birds, night herons, egrets of different kinds, vultures and pelicans that will be greeting the public.”

Rogers says the grounds are set up like a park, complete with shaded areas and outdoor tables that make a pleasant destination for a family picnic. The day will be full of entertainment, education and plenty of opportunity for making memories. A photographer herself, Rogers says the grounds and the feathered residents offer ample opportunities for stunning wildlife photos and enjoyable selfies.

Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is a 501c3 nonprofit wildlife rescue organization that specializes in the rescue and rehabilitation of injured, sick and orphaned birds of all types. The organization’s goal is to restore the health and independence of the birds brought to them so that they may be released back into their natural habitat.

Kathy Rogers with bald eagleKathy Rogers prepares to release a bald eagle that was treated at the center. Photo by Chris Jackson.

The center also serves as a sanctuary for birds that cannot be released due to extensive injuries or loss of survival skills.

Over the last decade, the center has provided medical treatment and care for more than forty thousand birds with an annual budget of more than $240,000, Rogers says. The center is entirely dependent on dedicated volunteers and private donations and does not receive any federal, state or local government funding for its rehabilitation and conservation efforts.

The Saturday event is free of charge, though donations of money or supplies will be warmly welcomed, Rogers says. The center’s website details what supplies are needed should anyone want to donate.

“I would love for everyone to come out and share this experience,”Rogers says. “Once people come out here and actually see it, they're just kind of blown away and just really enjoy it.”

Friends of a Feather: Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Open House

About: The North Texas Master Naturalists have made the center the focus of their public service for the past year and are giving a tour of the six-acre operation and the work they’ve accomplished.

When: Saturday, May 18, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Where: Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, 1430 East Cleveland Street, Hutchins

Cost: Free but donations welcome!


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