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An indigo bunting was being used as a bait bird in a song bird trap discovered in River Legacy Park.

Tarrant Regional Water District is among those calling for an alternative route, which would bypass Mary’s Creek.

Wendel Withrow's Best Tent Camping: Texas second edition offers new insights.

BRIT aims to bring its fundraising, marketing and educational expertise to support the city-owned park.

If you see one in the road, help them across to the other side - if you can do so safely.

Dallas and Fort Worth zoos have been closed since mid-March.

The purchase of the 50-acre ‘Broadcast Hill’ will expand Tandy Hills Natural Area.

A great horned owl's death is investigated by Oncor and a federal agency.

Want more birds in your North Texas garden? Local expert shares his secrets

Mick Tune is the author of Wildering.