Green Source DFW director Wendel Withrow announces the official launch of the 'Green Source Texas' series.

Jan. 19, 2024

Green Source TexasThe recent icey temps reminds me that just like our powerful, invisible and sometimes shakey electric grid, the environmental challenges facing all Texans bind us together on multiple levels.

Whether its our unpredictable weather, our unpredictable State Legislature or our beautiful but vulnerable landscapes — our great state needs you, Gentle Reader, to help love and protect it.

So after some high-level discussion over margaritas and Mexican food, Green Source DFW has decided to expand its news and nature coverage to the State of Texas.

At first, Green Source Texas will appear monthly alongside Green Source DFW articles, but we envision it becoming its own media force of dedicated Texans who love Texas. The Lone Star State will have multiple watchdogs bringing new writers, podcasters, photographers and new subjects to its audience. Green Source Texas will be their voice.

While our Green Source Texas reporters will shine the light on polluters and the activists on the front lines fighting them, GSTX will also bring you the good news with coverage of environmental heroes. And maybe best of all, Green Source Texas will help you find that perfect happy place of natural harmony and beauty.

Join with us and enjoy the journey.


Wendel Withrow

Director, Green Source DFW/Green Source Texas



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