The 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid has been completely redesigned.

Jan. 3, 2018

The Toyota folks revealed the new 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid last summer. I had the chance to drive this midsize sedan in Portland, Oregon a week before the big reveal and it did not disappoint.

While the word “vanilla” has been used to describe the Camry, the promise for the 2018 version is hardly boring.

Even better, the 2018 hybrid Toyota Camry is a head-turner in looks and owner appeal.

On sale since mid-July let’s start with the new hybrid version styling.

“Camry has been completely redesigned from the ground up for model year 2018.” said Michael Kroll, Toyota’s group manager, product communications.

In fact, the only design element carried over from the previous model is the Toyota badge.  

“New stamping techniques allowed our designers at CALTY design research in Newport Beach to create aggressive character lines running from the new, more aggressive grill, all the way to the rear of the car,” Kroll explained. “The result is a more planted stance that visually communicates the exciting new driving dynamics.” 

2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid Last year, there were 400,000 Camry’s sold in the United States. So why the redesign? 

“Camry has been the best-selling passenger car in America for 15 straight years,” Kroll explained. “While customers continue to love Camry for its quality, durability, reliability and safety, our research showed that they wouldn’t mind having a Camry that was a little more expressive and exciting.”

At the same time, Toyota president Akio Toyoda challenged the team to add a fun-to-drive spirit in all of the company’s new products.  

“The 2018 Camry, which is the first vehicle to fully deliver the engineering and design benefits of Toyota’s new global architecture, or TNGA, delivers on Akio’s mission,” Kroll said.  

Take that a step further with the hybrid Camry and you will see that the word “convenient” was also foremost on the Camry redesign team’s mind.

For example the battery is in a more convenient place for extra room.

“Moving the hybrid battery under the rear seat has two main benefits,” Kroll said. “First, this more efficient packaging frees up trunk space, providing the same rear cargo capacity as you’ll find in the non-hybrid models.  Second, the new hybrid battery location helps with weight distribution, effectively lowering the hybrid model’s center of gravity, resulting in better handling performance.”  

The 2018 Camry Hybrid features the proven hybrid synergy drive system.  This system uses an on-board power control unit to determine the best combination of the electric motor and the combustion engine, to optimize efficiency.  

As for the competition, Kroll said he is certain the new hybrid Toyota Camry stacks up well. 

“We are confident Camry will lead the midsize sedan segment in six key areas from exterior styling to premium interior quality and design, technology, safety, miles per gallon and driving dynamics,” Kroll added.  

When all is said and done, the 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid is certainly distinctive. The Camry hybrid version will start at around $27,800 and offers roughly 52 miles per gallon.

“The completely redesigned 2018 Camry Hybrid will offer all of the great new features of the standard Camry…great styling, a premium interior, the latest technology, standard Toyota safety sense, exciting driving dynamics….with incredible Prius-like fuel efficiency” Kroll said.

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