Julie's Green Light is a new, regular feature in Green Source DFW. This week Assistant Editor Julie Thibodeaux covers Dallas philanthropist Ariel Nessel - Pollination Project, the City of Dallas Zero Waste Goals and Fort Worth's JIm Marshall - Bluebirder of the Year 2012

  Environmental Issue 

Nov. 29, 2012    

Kim Feil doesn’t mind making a scene when it comes to gas drilling.

In one appearance before the Arlington City Council, the Arlington-based activist “rapped” her complaints about gas drilling a cappella two years ago.

She followed that by demonstrating how to put on a gas mask in case of a fallout.

Nov. 25, 2012   

Melting glaciers, devastating droughts and catastrophic storms are catching people’s attention -- even in Texas. Heeding the warnings of the scientific community, including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, many North Texans are bucking the state’s loyalty to fossil fuels and joining the movement to stop global warming.

Environmental Co-op Kaufman County

    Green Nonprofit Organization 

By Rita Cook    

Nov. 2, 2012 

Once the election’s over, some die-hard supporters may keep a candidate’s sign as a souvenir. However, thousands end up in the trash.   

Marilyn May, director of the Environmental Co-Op, a nonprofit recycling center in Terrell, says there’s no reason for the material to be wasted.

By Rita Cook  

One way to make sure adults know all the ins and outs of sustainability is by teaching these lessons early in life.  Case in point, that is exactly what is happening at the Dallas County Juvenile Department’s Youth Village where young boys ages 13 to 17 have the opportunity to take organic gardening classes while also tending to 12 raised garden beds that are planted with herbs and vegetables several times a year.

By Julie Thibodeaux       

The North Texas Corporate Recycling Association has recognized outstanding environmental achievement since it was founded in 1990 to promote business recycling. When the NTCRA’s annual Green 3 Awards were held on Thursday September 27 2012 at the Irving Convention Center, this was the first time the organization presented a media award.

By Julie Thibodeaux      

Architect Gary Olp said he was a nature lover as a boy but a high school science teacher opened his eyes to sustainability. It was the 1970s, and his long-haired, bearded biology teacher in Ohio invited the class to organize a “no-waste” party.     

Green Event