Julie's Green Light is a new, regular feature in Green Source DFW. This week Assistant Editor Julie Thibodeaux covers Dallas philanthropist Ariel Nessel - Pollination Project, the City of Dallas Zero Waste Goals and Fort Worth's JIm Marshall - Bluebirder of the Year 2012

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Granting Wishes     Dallas real estate developer Ariel Nessel wants to change the world one grant at a time -- make that one “grand” at a time. The founder of The Pollination Project aims to give away $1,000 a day -- every day of the year to individuals who want to make the world a better place. The 39-year-old vegan and self-described yogi said he’s achieved financial abundance in his life. Now he wants to share some of that wealth by doling out micro grants 365 days a year. So far, the nonprofit has awarded 50 grants since its founding in November. Recipients include a Dallas high school student who wants bring art classes to underprivileged school children as well as a New Zealand woman who plans to launch a website for her dog, who’s become a mascot for activist causes. Nessel says he believes this is where the future of philanthropy lies. “Instead of relying on great leaders to make social change, change will happen because of millions of individuals.” See more at thepollinationproject.wordpress.com and http://vimeo.com/55899430.   

Pushing Zero-Waste      The city of Dallas is hosting public hearings regarding its timeline to implement zero-waste goals by 2040. Texas Campaign for the Environment is urging residents to attend the meetings Monday Jan. 7 at Timberglen Recreation Center and Tuesday Jan. 8 at David W. Carter High School from 6:30-8 p.m. to support more timely action to reduce landfill waste. The city initially set a goal to stairstep changes over the next 30 years. However, Zac Trahan of TCE said he wants to see Dallas speed up efforts to offer recycling at apartments and businesses and phase out single-use bags within the next 2-3 years. He also said Dallas should follow the example of Austin, which launched a pilot program for residential organics recycling this month. On Jan. 26, the city will present the input it gathers and invite more discussion. See more information at http://www.dallascityhall.org/pdf/san/DallasSolidWasteMtg_122812.pdf  

Mr. Bluebird of the Year     Fort Worth resident Jim Marshall was recently honored as the “Bluebirder of the Year” for 2012 by the Texas Bluebird Society. In 2007, Marshall started a bluebird trail along the Trinity River Trails in the Cultural District in Fort Worth. Today, he oversees Project Bluebird, a network maintained by volunteers that includes more than 80 nest boxes around Fort Worth. Your best chance to see the Cowtown bluebirds is during nesting season March-June along the Trinity Trails between the Crystelle Waggoner Trailhead at University and the River Park Trailhead at Bryant Irvin Road, where 17 boxes line the trail. See trail map: http://streamsandvalleys.org/trails. Read more about Project Bluebird at http://greensourcedfw.org/articles/bluebird-population-booms-ft-worth.


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