Kelli Myatt is the health food and fitness enthusiast behind the Healthy Hippie in Watauga. Photos courtesy of the Healthy Hippie.

May 23, 2019

The Healthy Hippie in Watauga is known for turning on North Texans to healthy vegan and vegetarian fare. Now the owner of the Mid Cities cafe wants to coach her customers on going green.

Kelli Myatt, a Keller-based dance, fitness and nutrition coach, is the healthy food guru behind the restaurant. 

Myatt launched the storefront at 6600 Denton Highway in 2016, after her plant-based creations gained a loyal following - first among her friends, then her followers at the Keller Farmers Market.

Since then, the cafe's business has steadily grown.. 

Healthy Hippie muralA cafe mural depicts Kelli Myatt's earth-friendly vision for the world.

Around Earth Day, Myatt held an eco-fair with green vendors and live music on the venue’s front lawn. Myatt said the fest opened her eyes to understanding that while many people want to be more eco-friendly, they still need direction.

“We got so much interest about composting and ending plastic pollution,” said Myatt. “Everybody talks about it but a lot of people don’t have the resources to implement this lifestyle.”

That’s why she decided to launch the Eco Club.

For a fee, she is offering workshops and services that will help people lead more sustainable lives.

Initially, the primary benefit of club membership will be access to a composting service. For $17/month or $120/year, members can drop off their kitchen waste at the Healthy Hippie’s 24-hour drop-off site. The compost will be picked up by Cowboy Compost, a small commercial composting service based in Fort Worth.

Myatt will also accept members' household recycling too - a bonus for Watauga residents, who don’t have curbside recycling.

Cowboy CompostMyatt also envisions hosting social gatherings and speakers on plant-based cooking, gardening and ending plastic pollution.

The Healthy Hippie cafe practices what it preaches. The staff recycles everything they can in the kitchen and composts food waste. All of their food is served with compostable paper products, including paper straws. Myatt's organic home garden supplies fresh produce for the cafe.

In addition, Myatt has big plans in the works to expand the venue. She wants to build a 6,000-square-foot green building on a lot in Keller. The site will include a restaurant, live music venue, outdoor seating, a fitness studio and a small farm for growing fresh ingredients. She said she would keep all the trees on the property and install permeable parking lots.

She also hope to be the first all vegetarian vendor at the Texas State Fair, come fall.

“It’s dream big or go home,” said Myatt, with a chuckle. “We’re already outgrowing this space.”


The Healthy Hippie Eco Club

About: The vegetarian/vegan cafe is launching its Eco Club to help residents grow their eco-friendly lifestyle. Benefits include access to a compost drop-off, recycling drop-off and classes on green topics such as reducing plastic and going meatless.

When: Kick off is June 1, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Cowboy Compost will host a composting workshop, explaining the dos and don’ts of composting.

Where: 6600 Denton Highway, Watauga.

Cost: $17/month or $120/year.




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