Interior Designer Julie Reynolds Thinks Green

By Rita Cook   
If you asked interior designer Julie Reynolds  what motivates her when thinking green she’ll tell you “If there is any doubt as to why a person would not want to live green they need to review their latest bills from the water company and their electric provider,” she says “It is simply the best way to extend one's income by lowering water and electric use, we immediately see the savings and ultimately will see the changes to our local economy.”

All-Vegan Dining Hall at UNT Making Waves

By Teresa Mioli    

A line of students, faculty and staff clad in green snaked towards the cafeteria and waited for the cashier to swipe their card before sitting down to lunch.   It was a normal start to the school year save for one big change to the college dining experience: there would be no meat, dairy or eggs on the menu.

By Rita Cook     

Sept. 1, 2011    
Tom Bazzone has made a career out of developing new businesses for national chains like Williams-Sonoma and Restoration Hardware. Now he’s leading a Dallas-based green business to greater heights of success.

Share your Love of Trees at CommuniTREE

By Amy Martin
It was like riding a wave. That’s what the rising community energy was like when the tree brouhaha started at White Rock Lake.  But out of the tragic destruction of three ancient elms, something wonderful was born – an environmental festival: CommuniTREE by Earth Rhythms on Saturday, September 24 from 10 am to 2 pm at the Bath House Cultural Center.

By Brandolon Barnett    

Urban planner, designer, blogger, and D Magazine columnist Patrick Kennedy discusses the true meaning of livability, the value of the "green" label, sustainable urban living in North Texas, and more.

Old Oak Cliff Conservation League

.By Rita Cook   
If you’re a fan of Dallas’ Oak Cliff area (and who isn’t these days) then one group you’ll really appreciate is the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League (OOCCL). A 501(c)(3) organization that has been around since 1974, the league grew out of an attempt by developers to put townhouses in Winnetka Heights.

BRIT includes a state-of-the-art herbarium with more than 1 million specimens. Photos courtesy of BRIT.


Aug. 18, 2011


By Rita Cook 
For 33-year-old Dallas resident Colin Stanley building his own electric car meant taking a proactive approach to seeing his dream come true sooner than later.  Stanley decided to enter the upcoming national Motor Verks Contest hosted by Electric Vehicles Television. 

Aug. 15, 2011

By Brandolon Barnett    

Chrissy Cortez-Mathis, president of the Dallas Organic Garden Club (DOGC) discusses organic vs. non-organic gardening, the state of local gardening efforts, and the potential role for individuals and governments in supporting sustainable gardening methods.

Kim Barney - Controlling Pests the Green Way

Oak Cliff Recycle Artist Sandra Artalejo

Oak Cliff Recycle Artist Sandra Artalejo