The founder of Texas Native Cats says the iconic animals are threatened.

Amy Martin offers tips for creating a Texas native wildscape at home.

The southeast Dallas park includes a 27-acre Blackland Prairie remnant.

The Native Prairies Association of Texas raised $60,000 to purchase and maintain the 100-acre prairie remnant outside of Greenville.

Bonnie Bradshaw launched 911Wildlife in 2006 to provide humane wildlife removal.

North Texas will experience about 80 percent coverage on Aug. 21.

The Bunny Burrow, a Fort Worth-based nonprofit focuses on rescuing domestic pet rabbits in North Texas.

In 2016, Rabbit Rescue rehabbed over a thousand cottontails.

Experts to discuss returning the Dallas Trinity River corridor back to its natural landscape at March 8 event.

The 200-acre Spring Creek Forest Preserve features ancient trees, fossils and rich plant life.