Oak Cliff Recycle Artist Sandra Artalejo     

By Esther Wu    

If you drive past Gary Gene Olp’s home, you may be struck by its contemporary design. But what makes his house truly different is not readily visible. Unlike most of the homes in Dallas, Mr. Olp’s house not only saves him money, it helps save the environment. “To be more specific, it is helping to preserve the environment for future generations,” explains Gary Gene Olp, who was recently appointed chairman of the North Texas chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council  

Watering Tips of Scorching Hot Days

Watering Tips of Scorching Hot Days
By Rebecca Winn  -  Whimsical Gardens
These are especially important for those of you who have newly installed gardens this year!

By Rita Cook 
From recycling, to composting to steering clear of using chemicals in his yard that was just the beginning of Dr. Earl Ruby’s green-minded living alternatives at his home in Midlothian. Later he added four wind turbines in his yard as well as 60 solar panels.

By Julie Thibodeaux 
Laura Eckroat wants to help kids get outside.

By Holly Haber    

By Holly Haber  

Dallas has a champion of environmentally-friendly fashion in Susanne Taylor.  

Taylor has worked in the fashion business for 35 years but she isn’t a designer, manufacturer or retailer.

By Brandolon Barnett  

Discussing the depiction of drilling in the documentary Gasland, the objectives of Dallas's gas drilling task force, and the potential impact on policies in North Texas and beyond.

By Rita Cook     
It’s an organization in Arlington that folks can get behind just like current Arlington Conservation Council President Jo Ann Duman did eight years ago when she joined the board for the local organization. President of the council now for two years Duman says “I picked up a newsletter in the city library and attended a potluck brunch in 2001. I found the people fascinating and the monthly programs interesting.”

Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar, a progressive farm-to-fork establishment in Plano, has just become the first full-service restaurant in Texas to offer commercial electric vehicle (EV) charging stations on site. It is an example of a eco-conscious and sustainability-centered establishment that seeks to reduce its carbon footprint wherever it can.

July 27, 2011
Clarice Abuto doesn’t let anything go to waste when it comes to gardening. The hired caretaker for the Como Community Garden in Fort Worth not only teaches residents and volunteers how to grow black-eyed peas, okra and greens, she shows them how to garden the “natural way.”

By Rita Cook