Wendel Withrow is the host for the new monthly Zoom program produced by Green Source DFW called 'Green Source On the Air.' Courtesy of Wendel Withrow.

April 30, 2021

Green Source DFW debuted Green Source On the Air on Earth Day last week.

The live program expands the reach of North Texas’ award-winning environmental news publication. Both are projects of the Memnosyne Institute, a Dallas-based humanitarian nonprofit. 

The new monthly program will cover current and local environmental topics, featuring guest interviews, speakers, Q&A with the audience as well as entertainment. 

Last week, the inaugural show, hosted by Green Source DFW director Wendel Withrow, featured environmental justice activist Marsha Jackson, who gained national attention for her fight against Shingle Mountain, a monstrous industrial dump within feet of her backyard. 

Also, Green Source DFW columnist and author Amy Martin, shared the origins and scope of her new book in the works from Timber Press called Wild DFW.

In addition, Public Citizen activist Rita Beving reported on consequential environmental bills moving through the Texas Legislature. 

Finally, Victoria Howard, chair of the Conservation/Eco Action Committee for the Dallas Sierra Club, shared how people can get involved in DSC causes.

For the Earth Day kick-off, the show ended with a screening of the Austin-based band Montopolis performing The Legend of Big Bend, which you can watch here.

The next show will air May 21 at 6 p.m. on Zoom. Check the show's Facebook page for details.

Watch the inaugural April 22 show below.

'Green Source On The Air' Season 1, Episode 1

The show airs with generous support from Dallas College, formerly Dallas County Community College District, along with additional support from John and Margie Haley, EarthX and Dallas Sierra Club.

Season 1, Episode 1

0 minutes - Welcome: Host Wendel Withrow

12:20 minutes - Guest: Marsha Jackson

40:50 minutes - Guest: Amy Martin

1 hr 02 minutes - Guest: Rita Beving

1 hr 28 minutes - Guest: Victoria Howard

1 hr 35 minutes - Close

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