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    Julie, I'm proud to be your neighbor!

    Helen Altman
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    She should get a commendation, not a citation!

    sean fitzgerald
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    Don't be fooled! Eco-friendly updates are redundant if while on your way to the recycling bin or fitness center you're getting complimentary WiFi radiation. Most of us are being radiated, 24/7, until we make changes to reduce/eliminate exposure. Electromagnetic radiation is zapping us -- from cell phones in our back pockets, from wireless equipment in our offices, from routers and iPads and smart meters and microwave ovens and tablets and game systems and baby monitors and cordless phones and thermostats in our homes, in airports and airplanes, restaurants and coffee shops, gyms, schools, libraries, hospitals, daycare centers, and (isn't it ironic?) green hotels and National Parks!

    Please get educated about the truth about wireless technology, and educate your family and friends. Wireless devices don't operate by fairy dust. There are 1000s of studies proving biological effects, like dementia in 30 yr olds, brain tumors the #1 disease in 15-19 yr olds, and a 60% reduction in reproduction. This equals species extinction...

    Please get educated, and then educate your family and friends. https://www.5gexposed.com/

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    Thank you, Texas Campaign For The Environment, for leading this effort.

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    Director Dr. Mike Slattery is a great asset to the Fort Worth community. He has presented at no less than four Greater Fort Worth Sierra Club meetings and is always willing to lend his knowledge. The Institute does some great research and I am especially excited about their Rhino Initiative. Rhinos are going extinct and something needs to be done. The Initiative works to educate the local communities in South Africa about conserving rhinos and why rhino horn has no medicinal value. They are also funding the research that goes on to help save the rhino and lead students to South Africa.

    John MacFarlane