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Jason Winningham of Duncanville created the Green Tip of the Week series. recently began publishing Winningham’s eco-friendly videos as an ongoing feature. Aug. 3, 2015 By Julie Thibodeaux By day, Duncanville resident Jason Winningham sits behind a desk... Read more ..
July 30, 2015 By Jim Schermbeck  Downwinders at Risk News came late last week the venerable Randy Lee Loftis has taken a buy-out and will be leaving the Dallas Morning News sometime in the Fall When he leaves the newsroom for the last time, he'll... Read more ..
  The Fischer Store Bridge near Wimberley was toppled by the Blanco River floodwaters. A new report shows that the economic damage of climate change in Texas could be in the tens of billions of dollars.   July 28, 2015   By Priscila Mosqueda  Texas... Read more ..
July 28, 2015 By Jason Winningham, the Green Tip Guy We're posting a new feature called "Green Tip of the Week "created by Green Tip Guy Jason Winningham of Duncanville.   Check out his website and his YouTube page where... Read more ..
North Texas astronomy groups and planetariums offers a plethora of opportunities to learn about the night sky at both outside gatherings and indoor venues. Courtesy of the Franklin Institute.  July 29, 2015 By Amy "Moonlady" Martin   Look up! Does nature for... Read more ..
Frack Free Denton lobbyied representativies in Austin earlier this year to save the fracking ban. The group continues to build coalitions to fight fracking. Courtesy of Frack Free Denton. July 28, 2015 By Julie Ryan Since Denton’s fracking ban was given the boot in May, those... Read more ..
Watermelon basil, made from locally grown produce, is one of Alchemy Pops unique flavors. Photos courtesy of Alchemy Pops.  July 27, 2015 By Julie Thibodeaux A Fort Worth-based entrepreneur gathers fresh produce from Texas farmers and transforms it into delicious frozen... Read more ..
Recipients of the Sierra Club's Lone Star Chapter Awards gather for a group photo on Saturday in Addison. Photo courtesy of John MacFarlane. July 22, 2015 By Julie Ryan North Texas environmentalists were among 19 honored by Sierra Club Saturday at Texas’ Lone Star Chapter’s... Read more ..