• The Climate Ride starts in the Big Apple and ends at the Capitol Sept 21-25.

By Julie Thibodeaux

• A vegan bakery, an urban farmstead and a recycling bin are some of the green projects North Texans have sought backing for on Kickstarter.com.

By Julie Thibodeaux

By Julie Thibodeaux

Photos by Phillip Shinoda and Julie Thibodeaux

The Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area threw a real downhome green shindig at Prairie Fest last weekend, April 27.

By Julie Thibodeaux. Photos by Phillip Shinoda.

The sun shone, the vendors were upbeat and the crowds turned out for Earth Day Dallas at Fair Park this weekend. While we heard some complaints about greenwashing, overall there was lots of green energy.

The green-themed hardware store hosts its soft opening on Earth Day • A Peep at the Coops showcases the backyard chicken craze

April 21, 2013




By Keri Houchin

Valentine’s Day is a day to show love for those around us. Treat your sweetheart to something special and show a little love for Mother Earth too. Traditional gifts are romantic, but look for these creative alternatives to make a small difference.

Shopping Green

(Photo: Austin, Texas based Whole Foods, a premier seller of organic produce and other eco-friendly goods)     

By Teresa McUsic     

(Photo: Signage at Oddfellows, one of several local restaurants where a bike ride can now get you a discount thanks to the work of Bike Friendly Oak Cliff)

Published Thursday, May 24, 2012     

Dec. 26, 2011
Around New Year’s, many of us resolve to make positive changes in our lives. We wondered what eco-friendly habits members of the local green community were vowing to adopt in the upcoming year. Here’s a few of DFW's green New Year’s resolutions for 2012: