Environmentally positive products

(Photo: Signage at Oddfellows, one of several local restaurants where a bike ride can now get you a discount thanks to the work of Bike Friendly Oak Cliff)

Published Thursday, May 24, 2012     

By Teresa McUsic     

It’s time to kick that old, energy-guzzling refrigerator out of your kitchen—and the State of Texas will give you a little incentive to help.

Memorial Weekend is the fifth annual Energy Star appliances sales tax holiday in Texas.

By Citizen Carol of Texas Vox - The Voice of Public Citizen in Texas     

May 15, 2012     

Re-published from the Pages of the Texas Vox Blog     

Jazz Under the Stars at the DMA in Dallas drew thousands in its 29 years. It's been cancelled for 2012. (Photo Credit: Margo Rey Mundo at Flickr.com/margoreymundo)

Published Thursday, May 10, 2012     

(Photo: The sustainable designs of fashion designer Lindsay Weatherred)     

Shopping Green

By Jada Brazell     

(Photo: A green eco-conscious handbag created by Alicia Colina-Ashby, an artist who repurposes catalogues, magazines, & uninvited mail into works of art)     

By Rita Cook     


(Photo: A shot of an organic breakfast at Oddfellows courtesy Allison V. Smith for Texas Monthly)     

By Julie Thibodeaux