Tumbleweeds Architectural Company sells furniture and architectural features rescued from old buildings.

Conner Hammond has started a lucrative summer business building raised garden beds.

Bring your old shoes to be recycled at the GSDFW 5K to be held May 21 at Bachman Lake Park. 

North Texas leaders can learn how to build or retrofit green buildings at the free event April 8.

The eco-friendly store carries fair trade jewelry, vintage clothing and goods made from recycled material.

Craftwork Coffee Co., which opened in January, is a both a coworking space and coffee bar.

Green Grocer returns this week in a smaller version of itself featuring fan favorites.

The new owners say they will be able to offer more options to Urban Acres customers.

The organic food store will be selling out its inventory this week, ending a three-year run.

Michael and Tehseen Tenney head up NearBayou Naturals, a company started by the Tenney family in Iowa.