By Phillip Shinoda    

By Julie Thibodeaux    

More than 83 percent of the homes built in Dallas that are LEED certified are Dallas Habitat for Humanity homes.    

Local Architect Keeps it Green in Oak Cliff

By Rita Cook     

Dallas resident and architect Alicia Quintans knows about living green.  In fact she says “I grew up on a farm so a sustainable lifestyle is very familiar. My grandparents were farmers and home-grown produce was available all year round. My family lived in a farmhouse with no central a/c and butane heaters. The house was designed to allow for air flow and we often slept on the screened porch in the summer.”

By Rita Cook     

Oct. 2, 2011

By Rita Cook 
For 33-year-old Dallas resident Colin Stanley building his own electric car meant taking a proactive approach to seeing his dream come true sooner than later.  Stanley decided to enter the upcoming national Motor Verks Contest hosted by Electric Vehicles Television. 

Gary Olp - Architect - Environmentalist

By Esther Wu    

If you drive past Gary Gene Olp’s home, you may be struck by its contemporary design. But what makes his house truly different is not readily visible. Unlike most of the homes in Dallas, Mr. Olp’s house not only saves him money, it helps save the environment. “To be more specific, it is helping to preserve the environment for future generations,” explains Gary Gene Olp, who was recently appointed chairman of the North Texas chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council  

Aug.6, 2011
From recycling, to composting to steering clear of using chemicals in his yard that was just the beginning of Dr. Earl Ruby’s green-minded living alternatives at his home in Midlothian. Later he added four wind turbines in his yard as well as 60 solar panels.

July 31, 2011

By Brandolon Barnett  

Discussing the depiction of drilling in the documentary Gasland, the objectives of Dallas's gas drilling task force, and the potential impact on policies in North Texas and beyond.