Save energy, save water, save money May 28-30.

The Environmental Justice Coalition of Fort Worth was formed to create a united front among groups.

Activists gathered outside TEEP Barnett, the Fort Worth headquarters of TotalEnergies.

Farmers Branch to be powered by solar farm

The Dallas County suburb will meet its total municipal electric demand with a 20-acre solar farm.

Russian hackers have been probing energy infrastructure’s digital networks for weak points.

The environmental coalition of petitioners includes two Texas groups.

The Abed family received a free solar installation with help from the Plano Solar Co-Op.

Gov. Abbott signed a bill earlier this month to ban highly radioactive waste from being brought into the state.

The Rivian plant would be built with sustainable features and possibly preserve acreage in its natural state.

Amory Lovins will speak on June 12 at 10 a.m. on Zoom.