Jazz Under the Stars at the DMA in Dallas drew thousands in its 29 years. It's been cancelled for 2012. (Photo Credit: Margo Rey Mundo at Flickr.com/margoreymundo)

Published Thursday, May 10, 2012     

Jada Brazell     

By Rita Cook     


(Photo: A promotional image for the Great Plains Restoration Council, one of Earth Day Dallas 2012's over 300 vendors)     

By Julie Thibodeaux     

Bluebird Population Booms in Fort Worth

 April 17, 2012

Bluebirds have long been a symbol of happiness and good fortune. Native Americans considered them sacred, and today, a glimpse of their iridescent blue wings still give people a thrill. Although these birds are a rare sight in the city, you can see more and more of them in Fort Worth if you know where to look, thanks to Jim Marshall.

By Jada Brazell     

On Tuesday, March 27th, non-profit environmental organizations in the area will host an open meeting to discuss the recommendations of the Dallas Gas Drilling Commission. In the lead-up to the meeting, Green Source is hosting a short series of commentaries by Marc McCord of FracDallas intended to stimulate conversation around gas drilling, public health, and environmental public policy in Dallas/Ft. Worth.


By Rita Cook     

By Julie Thibodeaux     

When the first plastic bag ban was enacted in Texas, it wasn’t Austin who led the charge. It was Brownsville.