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Published 12/20/2012    

  Environmental Issue 

Nov. 29, 2012    

Kim Feil doesn’t mind making a scene when it comes to gas drilling.

In one appearance before the Arlington City Council, the Arlington-based activist “rapped” her complaints about gas drilling a cappella two years ago.

She followed that by demonstrating how to put on a gas mask in case of a fallout.

By Julie Thibodeaux       

The North Texas Corporate Recycling Association has recognized outstanding environmental achievement since it was founded in 1990 to promote business recycling. When the NTCRA’s annual Green 3 Awards were held on Thursday September 27 2012 at the Irving Convention Center, this was the first time the organization presented a media award.

Green Event  

Sept. 7, 2012

July 31, 2012

As a philosophy professor at the University of North Texas, Dr. Adam Briggle is an expert at ethical debates. But last year, he found himself in the middle of real-world problem solving when he agreed to head up the Denton Stakeholder Advisory Group.

Helen Bush, Rita Beving, and Dick Guldi listen to Michelle Barlond-Smith (second from the right) at lunch in Dallas after her testimony in Austin.




Published May 17, 2011     

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