Brite Divinity School's annual conference on Feb. 20-23 is free and open to the public.

The Greyhound Adoption League of Texas will host its largest fundraiser of the year on Feb. 25.

TCU Frogs jump in to save rhinos

A public talk about the TCU Rhino Initiative on Jan. 18 at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden Center.

The billboards are located on the Stemmons and R.L. Thornton Freeways in Dallas. Courtesy of PETA.

Rescued bats get first-rate rehab at Weatherford facility.

Learn about the many eco-friendly benefits of bats.

Louis Dorfman says wild animals need emotional bonds with humans to thrive in captivity.

Atlasta Home Sancuary in Ennis is home to 400 rescued pigs.

Tour the world renowned animal sanctuary in East Texas Saturday, April 16.

The film about Dolphin Blue founder Tom Kemper and his canine companion Hank is showing free on March 29 in Dallas.