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March 1, 2013

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Julie’s Green Light: Feb. 25 • Anti-gas drilling activists to gather in Big D •  North Texas Commission to gather about water crisis • SMU conference showcases potential geothermal energy in oil and gas plays  By Julie Thibodeaux 

Julie’s Green Light:  Feb. 12 • Park Drilling Vote Delayed in Dallas • North Texans headed to Climate Change Rally • USGBC North Texas recruiting young professionals  

By Julie Thibodeaux

By Brandolon Barnett

February 06, 2013 

By Rita Cook   

While Twisted Root Burger Company loves feeding its customers elk burgers, owner Jason Boso never imagined he would be helping to feed an ailing African lion that same menu.

By Brandolon Barnett

Kicking off the third year of there will be more events like the meetup that took place Thursday, January 17th.