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By Brandolon Barnett     

(Photo: Winners of the first annual Green Source DFW Environmental Leadership Awards. From left to right, Grier Raggio, Josephine Keeney, Bonnie Bradshaw, and Jim Schermbeck with Downwinders at Risk)     

Feb. 29, 2012  

 (Photo: Greg Vaughn, one of the minds behind the new Texas Green Chamber)     

After Russell Autry and his firm helped launch the New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce in 2010, a member of its board of directors issued a challenge: Why don’t you do the same thing in Texas?

(Photo: "Love" by Riyad Elmasri)     

By Jada Brazell     

Feb. 20, 2012

A new venue geared to green businesses and organizations is opening its doors next week.

The Dallas Eco-op will debut when it hosts the Green Source DFW Environmental Leadership Awards on Feb. 28, sponsored by the Memnosyne Foundation.

By Julie Thibodeaux     

When the first plastic bag ban was enacted in Texas, it wasn’t Austin who led the charge. It was Brownsville.


By Julie Thibodeaux     

Land trusts aim to preserve Texas landscape

Oak Cliff Nature Preserve in Dallas is overseen by the Texas Land Conservancy. Courtesy of Texas Land Conservancy,

Jan. 27, 2012

We’ve all got an urban sprawl story. For years, you’ve driven by a picturesque pasture or stand of trees, only to find it gone one day, replaced by a row of houses or a shopping center. Yet as development continues to threaten native landscapes, land conservation is gaining momentum across the U.S.

Jan. 20, 2012