Nissa Salas of Nissa Salas Fitness is an avid runner and likes to run with her rescued dogs for exercise.  Looking on the ground became unbearable this summer, as she noticed trash everywhere and did not feel good about running in her own neighborhood. She elicited the support of area 5 City Councilman Rick Callahan to organize a cleanup they call 30/30/30.  On the 30th of every month, 30 volunteers are requested to pick up trash for at least 30 minutes.  Soon, local businesses wanted to get involved.  Diamond Empire Fitness provided the location at 7840 Carr St in Dallas, and Tire Raptor, Police Volunteer Kenneth Winn, and the Dallas Water Utilities also got involved.  between the August 30th and October 30th event, a total of twenty bags of litter were picked up.Councilman Callahan is delighted that such a campaign has begun and would like for other areas of Pleasant Grove to start their own monthly litter sessions.  The 30/30/30 litter campaign picks up on Carr street, Scottsdale street, Military Parkway, and Buckner Boulevard.  A massive amount is dumped as people passing through the industrial streets dump their post drive through food containers and beverage cups onto the ground.  Councilman Callahan would like the project to continue as we are "putting the pleasant back into Pleasant Grove".  We need your help, as we cannot do it alone.Anyone that wants to participate or needs information on the ongoing 30/30/30 litter campaign can contact Nissa Salas directly at

Diamond Empire Fitness
7840 Carr St.
75227 Dallas , TX
Phone: 469-387-6768
Nissa Salas