• Residential rooftop solar installation will be discussed by Waco’s rooftop solar installer Holt Kelly. Everything you need to know to combat climate change with your own rooftop PVC project. Mr. Kelly will also discuss the history of solar energy. 

• With the availability of financing, solar power has become very affordable, the equipment cost often comparable to a monthly electricity bill 

• The business meeting will include: Go Renewable Waco, new T-shirts, & 2nd Annual Climate Change Art Exhibit. 

• Free salad & vegetarian/vegan pizza buffet. 

• Free bumper stickers, books, magazines, educational handouts, reusable shopping bags. 

• Everyone is welcome. It is all FREE. 

Info: [email protected]

Event Location: 
Poppa Rollo's Pizza Waco , TX
Date and Time: 
Tuesday, June 19, 2018 - 6:00pm