Synopsis: Color is one of the factors that attracts us to birds, from the stunning red of a Scarlet Tanager to the iridescence of a hummingbird’s throat when it catches the sun. But to the bird itself, color is more than a thing of beauty — it plays a key role in how birds select food, choose mates, avoid predators, and so much more. 

Dr. Mark Hauber will explain many facets of the role that color plays in the lives of avian species including how they perceive color differently from humans, how their vibrant feather and egg colors are created, and how avian color vision affects their eating, mating, and parenting behavior. Other wonders of bird coloration will be explored, many of which have been discovered in recent years

About the speaker: Dr. Mark E. Hauber is professor of integrative biology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is also the author of The Book of Eggs.

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6:30 p.m. Social time.

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Zoom TX
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Thursday, April 13, 2023 - 7:00pm