The College for Constructive Hell-Raising is a semester-long, citizen-friendly seminar class to help DFW activists of all kinds think more like organizers.

We present basic community organizing principles in engaging ways, just like the schools that professional community organizers attend. But we also have veterans of local social justice campaigns from the last 50 years come and talk about what they learned fighting the good fights right here in DFW.

Whether you’re trying to win a stoplight at an intersection, overcome discrimination or shut down a toxic polluter, the same principles of community organizing apply. Become a savvier Citizen of The Republic, and a better advocate for your cause. Learn how to raise more Constructive Hell.

Held second and fourth Tuesdays Jan. 15-May 21.

$150 for the entire semester.

Event Location: 
Meadows Conference Center
2900 Live Oak Street
Dallas , TX
Date and Time: 
Tuesday, January 15, 2019 - 7:00pm