Learn about our area's native wildflowers and also about cacti and succulents from two speakers with colorful photos. Carol Clark will take you on a virtual tour of native wildflowers, past and present. And Irwin Lightstone will talk about cacti and succulents, and how they should play an increasingly prominent role in landscaping our exteriors and interiors.

Wildflowers of North Texas 

So many of our beautiful and once-common native wildflowers have been removed from our local landscapes that relatively few people today can recognize and name more than a handful. This colorful slideshow program will take you on a virtual tour through the seasons of some of our last undisturbed natural areas, and introduce some of the amazing plants that once dominated the region. We'll talk about unusual plant features that make them tough prairie survivors, and give you a sense of what the Tallgrass Prairie and its surrounding woodlands once looked like.

Carol Clark is an amateur botany enthusiast, a Texas Master Naturalist, and longtime member of the Native Plant Society of Texas. She and her husband own and operate Clark Haven, a wildlife preserve and custom wildflower seed business in Cooke County. Carol grew up with a nature photographer father and wildlife artist brother, and has spent much of her life looking around in the great outdoors. Her favorite things to do are leading discovery walks in local natural areas, and finding and photographing interesting plants.

Cacti and Succulents: Owners Manual Part One

When you hear "waterwise," "low maintenance," "interesting geometries," you almost have to think of cacti and succulents. As water becomes a more scarce resource, these plants should play an increasingly prominent role in landscaping our exteriors as well as our interiors.  Learn about perpetual blue roses, the perfect indoor plant for the traveler, and some of the interesting adaptations in these unusual and interesting plants.

Irwin Lightstone lives in Dallas with his wife, cat, and thousands of plants, mostly cacti and succulents. He is president of the North Texas Cactus and Succulent Society, and is an award winning professional photographer who has specialized in plant photography.  View his website at IrwinLightstone.com.

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Event Location: 
Brookhaven College
3939 Valley View Lane Bldg H
Farmers Branch , TX
Date and Time: 
Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 7:00pm