Susan Alvarez will be providing an overview of North Central Texas Council of Government (NCTCOG) efforts to develop a regional Priority Climate Action Plan (PCAP) on behalf of the 16-county area comprising the NCTCOG.   This plan is being developed under a Climate Pollution Reduction Grant from the EPA, and will include sections on Transportation, Energy, Water Resources, Waste Management, and Green Space (Agriculture, Urban Forestry, and Green Land Uses).  The plan also includes several cross-sector ideas that provide benefits in multiple areas.  In considering the current severe non- attainment air quality status in the metroplex, the NCTCOG is developing this PCAP as a DFW-Air Quality Improvement Plan, with the end goal of improving local air quality through effective climate action.  Come learn more, and learn how you can provide input into this important effort!

Susan Alvarez currently serves as the Director of Environment and Development at the North Central Texas Council of Government (NCTCOG), where she manages programs related to water, material resources, regional codes, public works and regional climate action. 

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Event Location: 
Zoom TX
Date and Time: 
Tuesday, March 12, 2024 - 7:00pm