Gary Gene Olp, directs GGOArchitects, Corp., an acclaimed architectural studio in Dallas, Texas. GGOArchitects was the first green practice in Dallas, focusing on green buildings that incorporate energy efficiency, passive solar techniques, natural day lighting, non-toxic materials, advanced building science and enhanced indoor air quality. GGOA has since completed more than 375 projects including residential, commercial, institutional and museum work throughout the United States.

To many architects, “sustainability” is a relatively new concept. Sustainability is in fact an approach that was employed by nearly all native peoples and ancient civilizations around the planet prior to the rapid changes forced upon us by the first industrial revolution.” So, what does it really mean to design sustainable architecture? Is this some new fad like destructivism or post-modernism? Do sustainable buildings look different than “ordinary” buildings? Are sustainable buildings more expensive or more difficult to construct?

There is street parking on Center and Main Streets and a parking garage just across the street from the main entrance off of Center (also accessible from Mesquite Street).

Event Location: 
George Hawkes Central Library
100 S. Center Third Floor, Excellence Rm
Arlington , TX
Date and Time: 
Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - 7:00pm