VOLUNTEER - Terry Shultz

Description of Individual or Organization

Terry is an amazing woman that has dedicated much of her life to protecting the environment for future generations. She believes that everyone has a part to play and hers is preventing electronics from entering landfills and connecting people with like minds together. She believes that networking and providing continual education keeps environmental issues fresh in everyone’s minds.

Terry has held a career in an environmental field for over 20 years and understands the balance of environmental goals and business goals. She has helped educate professionals think about long term environmental effects and not just bottom lines. 

Leadership (Nominee demonstrates leadership through example, knowledge, attitude)

Terry is a founding member and current president of Women in the Environment. Women in the Environment a networking group that started 18 years ago to connect women that had the same passion in environment issues.

Environmental Impact (Nominee demonstrates a positive impact on the local environment via policy change, product offering, significant volunteer contribution or other achievement)

Terry has 3 grandchildren and she wants to do everything she can make sure the earth is a great place for them and their future generations.

When Terry first started out in her first environment field there were very little careers that could help protect the environment especially for women. That number has increased exponentially in the last 20 years. Terry’s ability to connect people and teach others was surly apart of the reason for those careers have increased.

Community Impact (Nominee demonstrates commitment to DFW green community through involvement with causes, business ventures or organizations)

Terry has been very involved in the community with several organizations. She has been involved with Women in the Environment for 18 years and is the current President and a founding member. She was on the board for 8 years with North Texas Corporate Recycling Association. She also was a board member of the Green Advisory Board with the City of Irving. She was apart of the Green Business Council with Irving’s Chamber of Commerce. She also participated in Sustainable Dallas in the early 2000’s. She believes networking and talking about environmental issues has a huge ripple effect in the community. 

Terry was an entrepreneur for 10 years; she owned an electronic recycling company and took pride in being able to employee people in the community and educate about the importance of electronic recycling.