VOLUNTEER - Amy Martin

Description of Individual or Organization

Amy Martin is the Social Media Coordinator for the North Texas Chapter, Texas Master Naturalist (NTMN). This role is one facet of her contributions to the chapter and of her many, long-term contributions to environmental protection and conservation causes over decades of work. As Social Media Coordinator, Amy is responsible for promoting the Texas Master Naturalist mission of developing a body of volunteers who provide natural resource education, outreach and service. She does this, very effectively by creating Facebook and Twitter posts, among other activities. She also serves on the Programs Committee, securing environmental leaders to speak at monthly chapter meetings.

Leadership (Nominee demonstrates leadership through example, knowledge, attitude)

Amy brings a rare combination of expertise, enthusiasm, and dedication to her work with NTMN. An avid learner, she adds to her understanding and is quick to share information to help fellow environmentalists. Her sense of awe for nature is infectious. Amy has built an extensive network of contacts in the field and routinely draws on those to connect people, matching needs and resources - one of many ways she demonstrates leadership by example. She knows that the power in knowledge is best shared with the community she serves, empowering her fellow volunteers.

Environmental Impact (Nominee demonstrates a positive impact on the local environment via policy change, product offering, significant volunteer contribution or other achievement)

A result of using her many connections, Amy's posts often bring unexpected educational offerings and service opportunities to friends and followers. She has honed a journalist's sense of timing, knowing which posts will have stronger appeal and greater impact for volunteers. 

The environmental impact of education and outreach is a long game, with few quick and easy wins. Amy's perseverance and long-term commitment build credibility and provide reliable resources to members. She fulfills two vital roles in keeping our community well informed and encouraging involvement.

Community Impact (Nominee demonstrates commitment to DFW green community through involvement with causes, business ventures or organizations)

While her roles with NTMN are volunteer service, Amy does not hesitate to devote the time necessary to perform her work at a professional level. A prime example of this took place this spring when the state Master Naturalist organization offered local chapters an opportunity to take over the state social media for a week. Amy created colorful and engaging posts every day, coordinating work from other chapter members and using a range of narrative, photos, and videos. This provided other chapters an overview of our area, perspective on local concerns and efforts, insights into the natural beauty North Texas affords, and highlights of NTMN work. 

This has a wide range of impacts: creating awareness of environmental concerns and resources, recruiting others to become more engaged in conservation, showing appreciation to volunteers doing the work, and perhaps most important, building that sense of community that encourages people to carry on. 

This work, above and beyond basic requirements, has proven invaluable in a pandemic year where we are more dependent than ever on social media to keep learning and to stay connected.

Other reasons for your nomination

This nomination focuses on a narrow part of Amy's service to NTMN but could go into similar detail for her many years of service to the environmental community in other roles. Of course, there is her lengthy history of reporting for Green Source DFW. She has proven herself a talented author in several dimensions, covering the range from general conservation concerns to environmental justice, from personal profiles to local adventures with dexterity and zeal.

In addition Amy was recently selected by Timber Press to write Wild Dallas/Fort Worth - Exploring the Amazing Nature of North Texas, planned for publication in 2022. Furthering the conservation mission, her book will also incorporate information highlighting local environmental efforts such as NTMN. We in the environmental community look forward to the heightened profile that bringing this awareness to a broader audience will provide.