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Dr. Robert Haley has been a tireless opponent of the East Texas coal plants and the pollution they release for many years. Not only has he organized the Dallas County Medical Society to endorse clean air strategies, he's successfully brought the entire Texas Medical Association around as well. On top of all that, he's personally directed and written the only journal-published, peer-reviewed study of the public health impacts of bad air on DFW residents.

Leadership (Nominee demonstrates leadership through example, knowledge, attitude)

Dr. Haley has been a one-person clean air committee within the Dallas County Medical Society. He's spoken at every EPA and State air quality hearing for at least a decade, and probably longer, on their behalf. Hard to believe, but he's still the only doctor in DFW that can give a presentation on air pollution. He was a member of the committee that oversaw the unprecedented use of the state's computer air model by local officials to determine the effectiveness of air pollution controls. And now, he's published the only study to put a dollar amount and body count to dirty air in North Texas.

Environmental Impact (Nominee demonstrates a positive impact on the local environment via policy change, product offering, significant volunteer contribution or other achievement)

He's impacted so many groups and events just by showing up and representing the medical community, who otherwise would be MIA. He's impacted his own peer group of doctors in both the Dallas County and Texas Medical Societies. He's helped persuade local politicians to treat air quality more seriously. And he's added to the public knowledge about the impacts of bad air on DFW.

Community Impact (Nominee demonstrates commitment to DFW green community through involvement with causes, business ventures or organizations)

He's done all of the above without every being on any group's payroll. He's volunteered his time on all the committees, all the hearings, all the trips to Austin, all the appointments, all the research and writing. He's not your typical volunteer, but he is one nonetheless.

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Many of us take him for granted. We shouldn't.