Description of Individual or Organization

I am hard working and dedicated to keeping the Greenbriar duck pond clean and safe. I make sure to get left over fishing line off the ground so ducks don't get tangled up and get strangeled by fishing line.

Leadership (Nominee demonstrates leadership through example, knowledge, attitude)

Society should try to keep Mother Earth clean and protect environment.

Environmental Impact (Nominee demonstrates a positive impact on the local environment via policy change, product offering, significant volunteer contribution or other achievement)

I volunteer to clean around duck pond and sometimes help with giving out food from the food bank.

Community Impact (Nominee demonstrates commitment to DFW green community through involvement with causes, business ventures or organizations)

Cleans around the Greenbriar Park and Recreation in Fort Worth.

Other reasons for your nomination

Cares about animals and Mother Earth. After all, we know there isn't a back up planet. I also help people that have lost their dog. Wish to form a group of 5 to be on call to help find people's pets.